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AAA for sale
Land plot (1.4 acres)
Turin corner via Orvieto
and corso Mortara
auction base price: 3,870,000 €
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Land plot for sale near the downtown, in the "Parco Dora" area which has been significantly enhanced after a recent urban renovation.   It's located next to the city park crossed by the Dora Riparia river, and near the post-modern concert area; in the immediate nearby there is the Parco Dora shopping center, the "Il Gigante" supermarket and a home improvement big shop.
  This property and all these points of interest in the proximity are well connected through the main city arteries, also thanks to the underpass of Corso Mortara and the adjacent roundabout (they are located a few tens of yards from the entrance of the property).
urban land use
On this land plot buildings are allowed for a maximum of 70% residence, a minimum of 30% Euro Torino-Tertiary.   See the detailed technical and asset information in the Lot 4 data-sheets.
detailed documentation
(not translated)
Lot 4 data-sheets
Cadastral map
Questions and Answers about Lot 4
provenance of the property
(cadastral records)
cadastral record sub-part. 1119
cadastral record sub-part. 1120
cadastral record sub-part. 1121
reach out from / to this property
Intl Turin Airport   TRN
9.3 miles (15 min by car)
BUS, bus stops:
"Mortara 1762" + "Mortara 1763"
Bus Lines: 60, 72, 72/
Highway A4 Turin-Milan
3.7 miles far (12 min by car)
Train stations Treni FF.SS.:
  • Torino Porta Nuova 2.6 mi
    (9 min by car)
  • Torino Porta Susa a 1.6 mi
    (7 min by car)
POI - points of interest
            in the nearby...
Downtown (Solferino square)
2 miles far (9 min by car)
+ Hospital Amedeo di Savoia
(1 mile)

+ Hospital Maria Vittoria
(1.2 mi)

+ Hospital San Giovanni Bosco
(2.4 mi)

just in front of the main entrance of the property
Park Dora (Area Michelin)
170 yds far (1 min on foot)
Parco Dora
shopping mall

380 yds far (5 min on foot)
Park - Skatepark - Concert area
330 yds far (4 min on foot)
Aero Club Torino
4.4 miles far (11 min by car)
Reggia Reale di Venaria
6.8 mi far (15 min by car)
Juventus (Allianz Stadium)
2.3 mi far (9 min by car)
How can I buy this land plot?
You must participate in the public auction no. 1/2021, by submitting a bid before October 18th at 9:30 AM CEST.
  Please note that the official documents are in italian language.
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