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real estate securitization
properties for sale
from the
Municipality of Turin
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for sale in Turin:
(real estate public auctions)
Land plot 3.5 acres
corner via Anselmetti
  and Strada del Drosso
starting price: 2,190,000 €
Former industrial site
corso Spezia 14
starting price: 8,160,000 €
Whole building
corso Chieri 19
starting price: 443,000 €
Land plot 1.4 acres
corner via Orvieto
  and corso Mortara
starting price: 3,870,000 €
Historical building complex
Cavallerizza Reale
via Giuseppe Verdi 9
starting price: 11'280'000 €
To buy one of these properties
you must participate in a public auction:
Public auction:
tender procedure
Title: Public auction n. 1/2021
  for the sale of securitized properties
Number of lots:  5
Award criteria:  highest bidder
Publication date:  26-apr-2021
Expiration date:
  18-oct-2020, h. 9:30 AM CEST
deadline extension for bid submission
(dealine ext. - digital signed version)
Status: expired
Public tender session:
Tuesday, October 19th 2021, h 11:00,  at
piazza Palazzo di Città n. 7
10122 Turin (floor 1)
Lots 1-2-3-4: tender procedure deserted
Lot 5 (Cavallerizza Reale): awarded
Final award of Lot 5
(Final award of Lot 5
        - digitally signed version, P7M)
Temporary award of Lot 5
(Temporary award of Lot 5
        - digitally signed version, P7M)
minutes of the tender sesssion 19-oct-2021
(minutes - digital signed version)
tender commission [ PDF ]
(tender commission - digital signed version)
NOTE: all the following linked documents are in the original language (italian)
Tender documents:
call for tender
tender specifications (Att. A)
(tender specs - digital signed version)
publication of this auction on the
Official Journal of the Italian Republic G.U. n. 72, date 25-jun-2021
Documents requested
from competitors:
application form (Att. 1)
declaration form (Att. 2)
declaration form in case of
      joint participation (Att. 2/B)
bid form (Att. 3)
Data sheet for each lot:
Lot 1 (Att. 4, land plot 3.5 acres)
Lot 2 (Att. 5, former industrial site)
Lot 3 (Att. 6, whole building)
Lot 4 (Att. 7, land plot 1.4 acres)
Questions and Answers about Lot 4
Lot 5 (Att. 8, hystorical building downtown)
Questions and Answers about Lot 5

see all properties for sale
directly from the Municipality of Turin

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