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real estate securitization
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Municipality of Turin
Questions & Answers
regarding these properties for sale
How is it possible to buy these real estate?
Each real estate property is sold through a public auction, for which an upward bid must be submitted: the auction active at this moment is the public auction no. 1/2020 (click here for more details).
This website belongs to the Municipality of Turin?
Not exactly, this website belongs to the company of securitization of the Municipality of Turin, named CCT srl, 100% owned by the Municipality of Turin.

  The Municipality of Turin publishes the tenders for works, supplies and services, on the portal instead the sale of the securitized properties is published directly on the website of the Securitization Company i.e. on this website: .

  In this way, with a specialized website, the properties are better advertised through contents of immediate access: photographs, floor plans, explanations and translated contents.

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