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AAA for sale
Historical building complex
Cavallerizza Reale
Buildings of great prestige
Turin via Verdi 7-9,
via Rossini 11
auction base price:  11'280'000 €
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The Cavallerizza Reale is an historic architectural complex in the heart of Turin, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997, designed in the mid-1700s to house stables, riding schools and the spaces for equestrian training of the Royal Academy.
Some important portions of this complex consisting of historic buildings of great value are now for sale.
urban land use
(what is there, what can be done)
The complex may be destined, as a whole, to host:
  1. housing units, residences
  2. university public services
  3. cultural, exhibition and museum activities
  4. tertiary activities
  5. commercial and craft activities as long as they are non-invasive, respectful of the historical context and not such as to require invasive services or technologies
  6. parking lots
The requirements and conditions of this authorization must be reported in the deed of sale.
The public use of the property must be guaranteed.
See the details in the Lot 5 data-sheets.
detailed documentation
(not translated)
Lot 5 data-sheets
Questions and Answers about Lot 5
documentation of the City Council about the Lot 5
map of the area being sold
unitary redevelopment project
00 _ index
01 _ explanatory report and project guidelines
02 _ historical framework
03 _ how the property is now, stock of the property, current ownership, intended use
04 _ minimum units of intervention, technical standards...
05 _ indications for recovery and restoration and homogeneous design cores
06 _ normative appendix
framework agreement scheme
framework agreement scheme
maps and floor plans:
ground floor plan Bldg A-B-C-D-F-G-H-I-L-M-N-O-U-V sheet 1247 part. 111
plan of the basement Bldg A-B-C-D-F-G-H-I-L-M-N-O-U-V sheet 1247 part. 111
plan of the upper floors Bldg A-B-C-D-F-G-H-I-L-M-N-O-U-V sheet 1247 part. 111
ground floor, basement, upper floor plan Bldg P-Q sheet 1247 part. 113 and Bldg R sheet 1247 part. 114
ground floor, basement, upper floor plan Bldg S-T sheet 1247 part. 112
urban land use:
current uses for the ground floor
intended uses in the ground floor project
current uses for the mezzanine floor and floor 1
intended uses for the mezzanine floor and floor 1
current intended use floors 1-2
intended use in the project floors 1-2
current intended use floor 2 and attic
intended use in the project floor 2 and attic
current intended use floor 3 and attic
intended use in the project floor 3 and attic
current intended use floor 4 and attic
intended use in the project floor 4 and attic
tables and criteria:
table of areas with intended use: current state
table of areas with intended use: project
table: total intended use areas FIV, CCT and Municipality of Turin
criteria: intended use and current state
areas for public use:
plan of the areas for public use
reach out from / to this property
Intl Turin Airport   TRN
dist. 10 miles (27 min by car)
BUS, bus stops:
"Verdi 3540"
Bus lines: 6, 18, 68
"Castello 471"
Tram lines: 13, 15
Bus lines: 13N, 55, 56, 3990
"City Sightseeing"
Highway A4 Turin-Milan
4 mi (20 min by car)
Railroad station Treni FF.SS.:
  • Torino Porta Nuova a 0,8 mi
    (4 min. by bike)
  • Torino Porta Susa a 1,4 km
    (9 min. by bike)
POI - points of interest
Teatro Regio (Royal Theater)
dist. 400 ft (1 minute walk)
Palazzo Madama
(Royal House UNESCO Heritage)

dist. 1000 ft (3 min. walk)
Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace) - Royal Gardens
dist. 0,3 mi (5 min walk)
How can I buy this property?
You must participate in the public auction no. 1/2021, by submitting a bid before October 18th at 9:30 AM CEST. Please note that the official documents are in italian language.
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